Show & Tell: Friday, January 15, 2016

How to Swallow a Pig, the latest title from Steve Jenkins & Robin Page. Click to view at IndieBound, credit: IndieBound

My first Show & Tell for 2016 is the work of Steve Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins is an author/illustrator who frequently collaborates with his wife, Robin Page. Among his works are some of my all-time favorite nonfiction titles for kids. He shares my love for the wild and weird in the natural world, with books that range from how animals sleep and bathe to animal life spans and communication. If I’m holding a book in my hand and saying “but I was going to write about that,” chances are it’s a Steve Jenkins book.

Most of Mr. Jenkins titles are categorical in nature, meaning they take a topic like taking a bath and tell you a bit about how many different kinds of animals bathe. Because his books aren’t typically narratives, they’re great for exploring a little bit at a time (or all at once) and they’re lovely for young preschoolers who might not sit through a whole story or who want to flip back and forth and skip pages. The content is also detailed enough for older siblings to appreciate, so they’re great for a family story-time.

Some of my favorite Steve Jenkins titles are (you’ll find a complete list of his titles here):