About Me

I am a nonfiction writer focusing on books, articles, and other educational material. I have had the opportunity to write about a huge range of topics, from things like nanotechnology to snottites and augmented reality to burrowing owls. I love that my work allows me to satisfy my endless curiosity about . . . well, pretty much everything!

Though I write about disparate topics, I find that these three themes continually surface in thought processes and in my completed work:

  • The universe is full of wonder.
  • It is our privilege to understand and protect it.
  • Working toward social and environmental justice is an integral part of caring for the earth.

In addition to writing, I am a bookseller at Vancouver’s oldest indie bookstore, Vintage Books. My family and I live in Vancouver, WA. When I’m not writing or reading, I am usually playing a tabletop game (current favorites are Magic and Everdell). I also crochet and grow things (mostly weeds). Besides the humans in our household, there are four cats, six chickens, two snakes, and some fish. There are also lots of spiders, but though they are welcome residents, they prefer not to be called pets.