About Me

I am a nonfiction writer focusing on books, articles, and other educational material for children. I have written about a range of topics from nanotechnology to snottites, augmented reality to burrowing owls. My writing often focuses on animals and other life forms that people fear or overlook. I am quite fond of snakes and spiders, for example, and I think microbes are pretty amazing. I also get inordinately excited about planets and rocks, black holes and stars, and any machine designed to learn more about our universe.

I have lived in Washington State all my life. My family and I prowl the Western U.S. in our trailer. We especially enjoy hanging out at the Oregon Coast. We share our home in Vancouver, WA  with three cats, two snakes, and some fish. There are also lots of spiders, but though they are welcome residents, they prefer not to be called pets.