It all begins with wonder.

Ask most people employed in the sciences and they will tell you that their journey began with catching frogs in a local stream, playing with a chemistry set, or watching a rocket take off on television. Perhaps a historian found a box filled with old photos that illuminated a long-ago moment in time. Or maybe a chef savored a bite that transported them to another place. Most people come to care about a field of study or take up a life-long activity because they had personal, profound experience with their chosen topic.

I believe books are an integral part of this journey to wonder. Fantastic facts, compelling photos, and riveting stories fuel an enduring interest in the world around us. As a nonfiction writer, my job is to find the facts and stories that will cultivate wonder in my readers.

I have had the privilege of partnering with educational publishers, magazines, museums, and nonprofits to share the wonder of the world with kids. I’m always happy to partner with new editors, companies, and organizations. If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me by selecting the “contact” option on this website’s menu.